Thursday, January 8, 2009

Call Gaurav - When Hunger Strikes

I am a sales professional, needless to say that I travel a lot. So far I’ve had the pleasure of visiting around 30-40 odd different places in India. As a single guy on an official tour what do you do once your daily work is done? Sit back in the hotel? Watch a movie on your laptop? Naaah , as far as I am concerned, my hobby is to find out the coolest places to eat, drink in whichever city I visit. Normal people eat to live, whereas I live to eat. The slight difference being that I also enjoy the small drink before I eat. What is life without some chilled draught beer (KINGFISHER ONLY) and some nice rock music to make matters more pleasant and enjoyable? I guess beer, rock music and some good chicken are more precious to us engineers than a fat pay check. So if you are interested in finding out more about the best places that offer all the above, please keep reading. If you want to know about places that do not serve beer or exotic non veg food and do not play any music please get a life or read some tasteless reviews on


Blues at Connaught Place,+Connaught+Place+,+New+Delhi&fb=1&split=1&cid=5743752610693564783&li=lmd&ll=28.637191,77.219124&spn=0.033974,0.077076&z=14&iwloc=A

This place plays very good music. You can expect to hear all your favorite tracks right from Rolling Stones, Metallica to pink Floyd to all the latest nu-metal numbers. They usually play rock music on all weekdays but on weekends it is mostly house/R & B music. The ambiance is pretty good, the lighting is bright enough for you to spot your drink, but not bright enough to spot the small pieces of chillies in your food. The crowd is quite decent on all days. You should definitely try the grilled chicken or the barbeque chicken for snacks. The food portions are quite filling. A pitcher of beer would cost you approx Rs. 250-300 and same rates for a cocktail. The place usually gets crowded at around 9 PM, so make sure that you reach there before 9 and enjoy a good night with drinks, tasty food and great music.

Special Note: The Sardarji DJ does not usually entertain any song requests. Be careful when requesting for songs, if he is not on the mood

he will turn the request down in the rudest manner possible. If you happen to be a girl, then he will probably ask your phone number for playing your request.

Cafe Morrison, South EX Delhi,77.171144&spn=0.033844,0.077076&z=14&iwloc=A

This is one of my favourite pubs in Delhi. Situated in one of the most posh areas of New Delhi, this is a pub you must visit if you are a Jim Morrison fan. The ambience is simply great. Each wall has been carefully decorated with paintings, photographs of Jim Morrison, notably amongst them is the middle wall which has a collage of some of the finest photographs of Jim. The biggest highlight still remains the wall; yes a full wall with just one painting of Jim. The decor is so eye catching that you will find yourselves staring at most of the walls and the artwork. I have been to many pubs in India, and I would rate the ambience of Cafe Morison amongst the top 5 in India.

Along with the ambience, the place also serves some really great food and drinks. I am a loyal kingfisher and beer, fan myself and do not prefer any other when I am in the mood to rock. But during one visit to the cafe I noticed the bar tender mixing a cocktail, a flamingo. He managed to juggle the burning drinks between 2 glasses. The sight if fire being poured from one glass to the other, from sideways to over the head etc was entertaining. If you are there make it a point to order the flamingo, apart from the great taste, it’s really fun to watch the bartender play with flames. The ambience and the drinks are well supported by some of the best music you can listen to. During my last visit, the DJ had worked out a theme. He started with the 60’s music, playing all the classics and then gradually shifting to the 90’s music. The gig had 30 minutes dedicated to each decade. Wow what a transition. Imagine starting your drinks listening to the rolling stones, Zepplin, then moving towards Van Halen, Metallica and finally ending with Pearl Jam, Green Day,... Nostalgic is all I can say. The decor, the drinks and the transition of the music contributed to one of the best experiences I have had so far. I would strongly recommend that if y oar in Delhi do make it a point to visit Cafe Morrison, it’s really worth all the money. Be sure that you have at least two hours to spend, any shorter time and you will end up cursing yourselves for the lack of time.