Monday, October 20, 2008

Dr. Devil's Remedies

They say that an empty mind is the devil's workshop. But what happens if the mind is that of the devil? My answer is that it leads to solving a lot of complex problems in life. Confused? read further to know what my devil mind was working on in idle time

Problem: How to get a person out of coma?
Solution: Lock him in a room with Rakhi Sawant and ask her to share her experiences in life. There are only two possibilities, either the person will give up on life or gather all the energy left in his numb body just to get up and slap Rakhi and stop her from talking any further

Problem: How to cure insomnia
Solution: Make the person listen to the recital of "Lord of the Rings" by Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

Problem: Torture a prisoner and make him plead for death penalty
Solution: Make him watch "Ramu Ki Aag" alone in the theater , twice a day without disprin, popcorn or coke for one full week

Problem: How to discourage homosexuality?
Solution: declare in public that Shahrukh and Karan are only friends

Problem: How to test someone's patience?
Solution: Make the person watch Jodha Akbar on some movie channel without granting him a loo break, even when the advertisements are being shown

Problem: How to stop Bangladeshis from coming to India?
Solution: legalize prostitution and terrorism in Bangladesh

Last and the most important
How to save India from degrading further?

Simple Make Gaurav Puranik the president of India hehehehehehehehe

Now let me dream of my action plan when i am made the president of the country, you can go back to your boring routine thoughts


Anonymous said...

If you become president first POA would be 'shaadiyan band kara do'


Aartee said...

damn nice - y dont u dedicate the next one to - " when I become the president of India " .. reminds you of those 3rd and 4th std essays doesn't it ?:P lol !! gosh I remember those - sooo frustrating ... lol

Gaurav said...

what 3rd or 4th std , i am stupid enough to dream if it even now lol
will definitely give it a shot