Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ghajini – The review

It was Christmas, we could have spent the night partying, dancing, enjoying, and simply doing what might have brought us more joy. Instead like any other average stupid movie buff, we had fallen prey to one of the biggest promotional gimmicks played by any movie maker in recent time. The television promotions of Ghajini were so promising that 15 of us decided to watch the movie on the day of its release.
The movie starts with Amir Khan killing a man brutally, and then calmly taking his photograph to remember the person whom he had killed. Wow what a start. After this scene the movie never really manages to catch up to anyone’s expectations. Read on if you like to read someone criticizing any movie as brutally as possible
Well there is no story. In short the story is, the villain kills Amir’s wife, Amir kills 3-4 people, and there are 3-4 useless pathetic songs to fill the gaps, that’s it.
The music was super successful in drawing the crowds out of the cinema hall and into the smoking zone just to avoid listening to the songs. Prasoon Joshi (lyricist) should probably go back to the advertising industry and continue writing one line jingles. All his songs in Ghajini sound like 10-15 jingles being scream in a sequence. Maybe Prasoon was playing with some 3 moth old kids and baby talking. Someone might have recorded the sound and added some music to it to save some cost or creative energy.
The songs have a very strong Mallu touch. If you have ever seen Sun TV or some Tamil songs, the ones where the colour of the hero’s clothes changes, the hero appears in 4 different looks on the same screen at the same time, yes you will find it all. The only difference between a B grade Tamil song and any other song of Ghajini is that it stars Amir and not Chiranjeevi or Rajnikant trying their luck with dancing.
Like my statement above, the action sequences have been handpicked from previous Rajnikant movies. Actually looking at the stunts that Amir has performed even Rajni might get a complex. Think I am exaggerating? There is a scene in the movie where Amir slaps a bad guy and his head twists a full 180 degrees, yeah only 1 slap that’s it.

Special Comments:
His name is MURUGADOSS. You have to give justice to your name and in the same spirit he has made a complete MURGA out of the unsuspecting crowds. He has very efficiently converted a supposed to be bollywood flick into a Tamil movie.
Jiah Khan:
She reminded me of the pupy in the hutch ad and the slogan “wherever you go, our network follows”. Like a faithful dog she follows Amir wherever he goes. Similar to the puppy in the ad she has only one expression on her face, an expression where she is confused and probably saying to herself, “I am just a puppy, why are so many cameras focused on me? “

Conclusion: Probably Amir was getting a bit nervous that down south fans have put up temples of Rajni, C..Jeevi etc, Why not a temple for me? In some ways he seems to have fulfilled his fantasy of acting in a Rajnikant like flick

My friend was so bored in the movie that he made it a point to catch up on some much needed sleep. Photographs have been attached as proof for people who do not believe in my honesty


Nishat said...

Dude, traditionally, any south-indian film remake has not worked in the north [yes, we come in the northern territory down south] territory, and vice versa.
And I guess the promos were proof enough what you should have expected. And from the photos, I can see that you'll spent quite some to catch on some sleep. I guess, a night out would have costed less.

Vaibhav said...

Man, I wasted 530 bucks for 2 tkts first day show on this movie
I was so pissed at Aamir for creating this movie, that after coming back home, me and my friend were busy filling out killer reviews at all possible sites.
I tried to save as many as I could, good to see a fellow green beret at work here